About Dana



Dana DellaCamera holds a Master of Science degree in Management and Human Resources from FIU. She is a Life Coach, Career Services Expert, Creativity and Professional Development Speaker and Performer.

As a Life Coach and performing artist Dana is extremely excited to be able to combine both of her loves and launch her first Creativity Workshop in 2015 through the FIU Life Well Led Center."Awaken Your Inner Giant Creatively" is a 1 day interactive intensive class that brings out all the different facets of your personality and shows you how to apply all of your strengths in different ways to create breakthrough results in all the areas of your life. In the workshop you will redefine what it means to play as adults, get clarity of purpose and action, and raise your energy vibrations to attract and receive all of the blessings the universe has for you right now.

Her goal is to eliminate barriers to creativity which often go unnoticed because they are so ingrained in us. Once we eliminate these barriers we are able to discover what we are passionate about, take new actions and dream new dreams. Through this process, Dana encourages her clients to play more, exercise compassion throughout the growth process, make mistakes, draw outside the lines, and live life on their own terms authentically.

Dana has over 10 years of experience in career coaching, professional development and leadership training and 6 years of executive one-on-one coaching running her own company, Business Coaching by Dana. Dana is a  professional who strives to nurture and find balance between her business and creative side. Her main motivation in life is to make a difference in the world and with herself through her coaching and performance. She has found a way to combine her passions in a way that they serve and benefit each other allowing for innovation and she wants to share that gift with you. Dana believes it is important for every person to find this balance and tap into and explore their creative  brain as that is where the ideas, innovation and steps forward will present themselves. Dana focuses on healing the past to make a clear path to achieving future goals with ease, joy and abundance. Dana has been a resident artist at the Sailboat Bend artist lofts for the last 5 years and performs all over. She enjoys singing jazz, musical theater, acoustic rock and R & B.