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Creativity Workshops

Awaken Your Inner Giant Creatively" workshop through the FIU Life Well Led Center. As a gift to you we are giving you a Special Code: LWL10 so you receive 10% off your registration. We look forward to seeing you there!
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This course is offered through the FIU Continuing and Professional Education Life Well Led Center and is located on FIU campuses in Dade and Broward County.

Life Coaching

What Is Professional Life Coaching?

What areas of life does Professional Life Coaching Cover?

  • Romantic relationships
  • Business and Career
  • Finances & Abundance
  • Family
  • Friends & Community
  • Health, Wellness & Overall Self Care
  • Living Your Purpose
  • Confidence & Personal Freedom
  • Living Creatively & Self Expression
  • Navigating Successfully Through Life Transitions

Dana has over 10 years of experience leading her clients to producing amazing results for themselves in their lives in all of the areas listed above. From transforming their families, to attracting the romantic partner of their dreams to launching new businesses and generating financial wealth and abundance she has coached them to achieve all of these goals and more.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How can you determine if coaching is right for you?

How is coaching distinct from other service professions?

What are some typical reasons someone might work with a coach?

What has caused the tremendous growth in the coaching industry?

How is coaching delivered? What does the process look like?

How long does a coach work with an individual?

How do you ensure a compatible partnership?

Within the partnership, what does the coach do? The individual?

What does coaching ask of an individual?

How can the success of the coaching process be measured?

What factors should be considered when looking at the financial investment in coaching?

Why Hire Dana?

Dana is highly intuitive and hears what people don’t say. Dana listens and will hold you accountable to what you say you want to achieve in your life. Because of this her clients experience amazing breakthroughs and achieving their goals within their first 3 months of working with her.  Dana empowers her clients to step into the best version of themselves and build their confidence  which gives them the courage to create a fulfilled life, reaching their fullest potential.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

The Life Coaching Format:

Complimentary Coaching Consultation (first session)

One 30 - 60 minute phone call per week

Unlimited Email support

Occasional brief check-in calls

Life Coaching with Dana is a partnership between her and the client where the coaching relationship continually gives you the power to make choices in your life to create what you want living  an exciting, accomplished and fulfilling life.

Dana asks you specific questions that assist you with discovering the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life or that may be hidden inside in a safe and supportive environment.  All information shared with Dana is confidential and never judged.

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1-on-1 Coaching

If you prefer one-on-one personalized environment than this is the best option for you. Contact me now to schedule a free 30 minute call to explore if coaching is right for you and/or to get started! The minimum coaching time recommended is 3 months so that you have time to see your transformation and accomplishment occur for you in your life. You may continue your coaching as long as you wish and you will experience yourself achieving your goals in every area of your life. The average coaching relationship lasts between 1 to 2 years and each person is different. All coaching is 100% confidential.


"The Artist's Way" Workshop & Coaching Online Class

Be coached in a group setting where you learn, share and grow with other like minded people. If you prefer this setting then contact Dana to find out dates for the next "The Artist's Way" Workshop based on the book by Julia Cameron. "The Artist's Way" is a 12 week program consisting of 1 hour conference calls over a 12 week period where we go over in detail all of the distinctions and exercises of the book that will unblock your creativity and unlock your life purpose. You will explore your creativity and heal any blocks from the past so that you can create newly with a new found confidence in every area of your life free from anything that would normally stop you. In addition, I add in some extra exercises to enhance and compliment the learning that you can implement into your life forever that will keep you achieving your goals consistently. Along with one-on-one coaching opportunities on the calls to assist you with getting the most value out of the class you will be in a safe environment where you are surrounded by a group of supportive, like minded people in a structured way so that you are guaranteed to complete the 12 weeks powerfully and easily transform the areas of your life that you are focusing on and have fun. The creative investment in you is $200 a month for 3 months. We conclude the 12 weeks with a gathering either at my home and/or online to celebrate our accomplishments together as a community.


"Awaken Your Creatively" Workshop

Make Your Mark, Change Your Fate, Fulfill Your Purpose!
What would be possible in your life if you turned up the volume? Sometimes the things that are working for you now are the same things that are preventing you from getting to the next level. In this day-long workshop, you will participate in interactive exercises and activities that will allow you to explore new ideas outside of the usual limits you would give yourself. You will start to connect the dots to reach your fullest potential by tapping into your creativity and waking up your inner creative giant (I might say hidden creative genius instead).

Throughout the day you will discover where your creative roadblocks come from and begin to heal and free yourself from these constraints, allowing your creative energy to flow freely and lead you to things you never thought would be possible. Ultimately you will design and create a new future that you can begin to live in right now.
This workshop gives you access to your creativity on mental, visual, emotional and practical levels:


  • Create a unique and personal Postcard where you manifest anything you want in your life.
  • Release any self limiting thoughts, shed all negativity and feel comfortable in your own skin.
  • Rediscover and invent yourself newly.
  • Discover the secrets to how busy people meditate and tap into their creativity in just 15 minutes.
  • Give yourself permission to draw outside of the lines and create your own life path.
  • Stay focused and motivated on what you want to create.
  • Dream new dreams and experience the confidence to take on new opportunities and actions.
  • Experience the freedom of a safe environment to express yourself fully and play again.
  • Expand your creativity to the next level.
  • Breathe new energy into your life and your projects.
  • Explore all of the different facets of your personality and use them in new ways to positively impact your life, productivity, and business.
  • Get energized, clear and excited about you, your purpose, and your life's direction.

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